Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pension Conference

Plansponor has made available audio recordings of presentations from the Plansponsor Defined Benefit Summit conference held in early December. Registration is required. While certain sessions may be of particular topical interest to you, we found these sessions worth a listen.

Opening remarks- Ron Gebhardtsbauer provides an optimistic alternative perspective on the future of DB plans. Factually illuminating in terms of the basic rationality of the PPA legislation but not persuasive that this will stem the tide of Plan terminations.

Session B – as part of a panel discussion, Michael Peskin of Morgan Stanley provides interesting opinions on FASB regulations, imbalances in Public DB plans, future of DB plans and liability driven investing in the US and the mismatch of the current legislative and regulatory structure to what is needed to secure a future for DB plans.

Opening Dinner – Keith Ambachtsheer, a noted academic authority on pension plan governance, outlines his idea for a revolution in pension coverage that would provide 100% coverage using a lifecycle based approach, an annuity backend and delivery by a large pension co-ops.

Session H – Roger Fenningdorf from Rocaton Advisors provides a very good overview of hedge fund options in today markets, highlighting the pros and cons of single manager, multi-strategy and fund of funds. He reviews hedge fund risk and provides a summary of principles to observe when investing in hedge funds


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