Monday, January 17, 2005

the goal of fiduciaryinvestor

The purpose of this blog is to provide practical information and insights on investment and fiduciary topics primarily for pension plan sponsors and trustees. This information should be generally relevant to either defined benefit (the increasingly rare plan which calculates and pays benefits based on length of service/compensation levels and where investment risk resides with the employer) or defined contribution pension plans (plans where employers contributions are limited to a designated annual amount and investment risk is passed to the participants.. i.e. 401(k) plans). It may also be relevant to other investment fiduciaries as well as the general investing public who would like to understand and adopt the principles and investment process used to manage literally billions of dollars in institutional pension assets. Though many fiduciary standards require expertise in this area, many fiduciaries receive little formal or informal training in either investment theory or the regulatory standards of practice required of a fiduciary. The information provided may help interested fiduciaries recognize and execute prudent investment fiduciary decision making.


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