Sunday, January 30, 2005

Don't have $37,600?

Didn't get you invitation to the Davos World Economic forum this year? Neither did I but I was interested in seeing what it was all about after reading several articles in the NY Times. Here are some facts from the articles: attendees included 27 heads of state, 72 cabinet level ministers, 500 global business leaders ( ie Tony Blair, Victor Yushchenko, former president Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Google guys Sergey Brin and Larry Page, George Soros, Michael Dell, "Ace" Greenberg, Laurence Summers, Senator John McCain, Robert Shiller), annual membership dues $37,600, 75 of top 100 corporations in the Fortune 500 are members,2250 participants this year, 66% men, 70% from Europe or North America, 15% from Asian Pacific region, 8% from Middle East, originally founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971 as a mini-business school that tried to replicate MBA programs in the US.

The WEF website is definitely worth a visit given the breadth of topics. Here you can sample a wide variety of thoughts and subjects. Investment favorites were any sessions on China, Hedge Fund Fever Builds Up, Private Equity, Economic Implications of Aging, Those Exchange Rates Again & Spotting the Next Bubble Ahead


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